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Coki Beach & Snorkel

For all ages! • Great for couples! • Spend Some Time Exploring the Sea


$12   (Snorkel Age is up to parent discretion)

Price: $13.50 USD - $23.50 | 6 Hours

Price: $20USD | Duration: 6 Hours

Spend Some Time Exploring the Sea

Hours of Operation

  • 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. 



  • Grab your snorkel gear at Coki Beach Dive Center kiosk on the beach boardwalk and let the fun begin.
    Explore the clear blue waters of Coki beach as you snorkel and see firsthand the beauty that is under the sea.
    With water that is generally always so calm and clear you can see you toes buried in the sand beneath the water.

More Info

  • Includes Coki Beach & snorkel gear for the day

  • Snorkel gear available for pick up between 9:00am-1:30pm

  • Bring reef safe sunscreen (recommended to apply at least 30 minutes before snorkeling)

  • Chair & umbrella rentals available on the beach for an additional fee

  • Food & Drinks available for purchase

Snorkleling Photo.jpg
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