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Tropical Sunset

Sunset Guided Tour & Happy Hour

All ages welcome! • 45 minute guided tour • Enjoy the sunset with a drink in your hand!

$38.00   Adults Ages 13+
$20    Children Ages 12 and under
$60    Adults - Happy Hour Ages 18+

$25.00 Local Resident Tour & Park Access

$40.00 Local Resident Happy Hour Drinks Special 18+

Price: $13.50 USD - $23.50 | 6 Hours

Price: $20USD | Duration: 6 Hours

Experience Coral World after the crowds leave for the day. Watch the sunset and relax with our Happy Hour menu.


  • Guided Tour: 45 mins

  • Leisure Park Time and Happy Hour: 1 hours 15 mins



  • After you have completed your guided tour, you will continue to have access to Coral World to roam at your leisure.

  • There is an option to enjoy drinks during Happy Hour

Happy Hour
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