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Overnight Slumber Experience at Coral World Ocean Park

All ages and groups welcome! • 45 minute guided tour • Enjoy waking up to the sigh of fish swimming around you!

$1,100.00 for group of up to 10 guests overnight 

$150.00 Per adult *Minimum of 5 guests required for the experience to occur*

Additional guests may be allowed prior to the actual sleepover/ lock in

Price: $13.50 USD - $23.50 | 6 Hours

Price: $20USD | Duration: 6 Hours

Experience Coral World in an exclusive overnight event for your group.  Birthdays, Ladies nights, Guy's nights, just because night and all others. Share it with each other and our fish friends. 


  • Park Access : 5:30pm-7:00am

  • Guided Tour: 45 mins 


Take your night to another level by spending it in one of Coral World Ocean Park's exhibits. You and your group of up to 8 people will have exclusive access to the park for the entire night. Enjoy a guided sunset /early evening tour of the park followed by light refreshments. After you have finished exploring, relax and enjoy a night in the air conditioned Caribbean Reef Encounter exhibit and wake up to the beautiful fish as they swim in circles around you. Before you depart enjoy a light breakfast snack of juice and muffins. A 10% discount off breakfast at Coral World's Café will also be extended if you wish to purchase additional breakfast items such as pancakes French toast, croissant etc.

  • Two (bottles of rum, 2 bottles of chaser,  and light refreshments  are included)

  • The package grants exclusive access for you and your group to view Coral World Ocean Park which is one of the top attractions in the Virgin Islands at night. You will have the opportunity to view the park and marine life in a different way that is not available to guests during the day. Additionally you will receive a complimentary pass to return and view coral World at another date and time of your choosing

  • After you have completed your guided tour, you will continue to have access to Coral World to roam at your leisure.

  • Includes TV, Bluetooth speaker with microphone for music and karaoke sing along

  • There is an option to add on lights package with our third party vendor for special effects .

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